Prisoner Catalog Request

(for inmates, family members and institutions)


Please fill out all information carefully and accurately You MUST include your inmate number.


If you are requesting more than one catalog, you can also email us directly at for quicker turn-around.

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To place an order, order a catalog, or ask questions please TEXT or call:


Write to us anytime:

Prison Optical Industries, Inc
2692 Madison Rd Suite N1 #317
Cincinnati, OH 45208


Please review your institutions Rules & Regulations, including some of the common reasons orders are rejected as listed below:
Are you allowed to purchase eyewear and optical accessories?
Is prior authorization necessary for you to receive your order?
Does your order need to be sent “in care of the medical department or a specific department for you to receive it?
Be sure to give us your prison ID number, as most institutions will return orders to us that do not have an inmate ID number on the shipping label.
If possible, give us a contact name and phone number should we have a question or problem with your order.
Should your institution return your glasses to us because of prison regulations, we will refund your money, less the price of the custom-made lenses, and shipping and handling charges. A refund will only be issued for the frame that can be reused. The lenses already made will have to be discarded.
If your institution requires an invoice to be sent inside the box with the glasses, please let us know...